The Quilt Art of Jeanie Wyant jeanie wyant quilts

jeanie wyant


I make quilts because I love color, pattern and the feel of fabric. As a child I loved putting together jigsaw puzzles and coloring my line designs with crayons. Now I delight in unifying line, form, design, color and texture—the visual texture of a printed fabric, what it looks like, and the touchable texture created by the quilted line that secures the three layers of a quilt and makes it whole. It’s a process that involves touch, imagination, seeing, doing, trying, failing and trying again. There is excitement and tension in intuitively manipulating shapes and visual textures until an inner vision comes to life or blows apart. It surprises me when I end up in a place I never dreamed of going. Quilting is a process with no end, only new beginnings, discoveries, and insights—the continuing thread of hope, effort, disappointment, desire, accomplishment, facing reality and moving on. Doing it is the goal and the reward.

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